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Make the Sun Rise August 22, 2011

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This morning I slept through the sunrise but when I opened my eyes and witnessed the sun smiling back at me, I remembered. This great clip from the film BLack Orpheus. Biggups to the sun for staying on purpose (with or without the clouds) biggups to the Facebook friend who posted this (SW!) . As I start my final year of grad school, I needed this to remind me something that many children inherently know – the infinite power of possibility.

Yes! April 19, 2011

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This post is dedicated to Hattie. . .

I remember when I first cut my hair, some of my co-workers gave me the “Is she really going to wear her hair like that?” look. And I can remember thinking, “Yes! Isn’t it lovely?” In which, I answered my own question, “Absolutely!”

Photo from passionista place.

Mindfully Slow April 6, 2011

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I have been slowing down over the last few years. For those who know me know that this an eyebrow raising proclamation within particular areas of my life. I have found when I slow down, I move more efficiently and effectively and most importantly, I  plant myself in the present. Slowing down can be frustrating, time consuming and scary and getting over these obstacles can be difficult. Here’s some things I’ve done to help the process:

i. Drive within the speed limit. I actually practice when I can, driving slower than the speed limit by getting behind a slower driver and allowing a 1 to 2 car space between us. I used to be Speedy Gonzalez on wheels and this practice (and getting a $275 speeding ticket a year ago) has left my lead foot flirting with the breaks on the regular. Today, my speed dial rarely goes more than 10 miles over the limit.

ii. Read in a group out loud. Get a group of friends together and take turns reading a book out loud. Notice how you hang on to every word that someone reads and how much more you pay attention to every word uttered. It’s an interesting process.

iii. Go for a walk. Walking (as opposed to biking or driving), puts us in the same speed as our bodies. We so often move in vessels that have a very different speed than our own physical bodies and we become accustomed to moving at a speed that is not our own. Walking forces us to fall within the speed limit of ourselves and allows for present moments like observation and intimate interaction with our environment.

It’s amazing the process and progress made when we simply slow down. Turtles 9reptile family) and sloths (medium mammal family) know all too well about the benefits of deaccelerating (both have a life span that surpasses the average within their animal family) . It’s a fountain of youth that anyone can drink from, all you have to do is slow down and smell the roses.

Go Baby, Go Baby, Goooooooo!!! March 21, 2011

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Way back when, too far back to mention these days, I was stepping and rolling and a-jiving to the hand clap and knee slap with the neighborhood girls in Oakland, CA. We had fun yet we took it very seriously. So much so that we had tournaments with championships, all within the confinement of our East Oakland apartment complex. It warms my heart to see that the tradition continues. . .

Interesting. . . February 28, 2011

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Dambisa Moyo is a controversial figure known for her opposition to the concept of aid for Africa. A native to Zambia, Moyo is an economist who argues, “Systemic aid to Africa (aid from institutions such as governments or the World Bank) breeds corruption and dependence”.  Check out her website – LINK!

She has published two books :

Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa

How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly – And the Stark Choices Ahead


To Be Free February 22, 2011

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Happy Belated Nina (thanks for the reminder Meres-Sia).

Tap Tap January 28, 2011

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After featuring the “tap tap” limited edition carpet by malene b. I was curious about the tap tap and did a bit of research which, I will try to work into one of my future assignments for school. Below is a short look into the background and culture of the tap tap.

While watching the video, interestingly titled “Solving the Tap Tap Puzzle”, it was a bit puzzling that the reporter mentions “his theory” when it seems the theory was ignited by what the Haitian truck driver said to be passengers correlating the skill of the drivers with the aesthetic of the vehicle’s exterior (I would imagine, good marketing tactics help as well, like music and charismatic dancing passenger recruiters). He also swiftly concludes that the passengers’ decision making is subconscious. . .no comment. . .It seems that what the reporter sees as a puzzle, the Haitian people have already solved.

P.S. Only 3% of Haitians own cars. Their carbon footprint must be awesome.

Reflect: A Message from Lauryn January 19, 2011

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Had to do it! Featuring Lauryn. . .again. Such a powerful message, especially in retrospect. . .

Still Bill January 18, 2011

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Came across this documentary about the life of the classy and classic Bill Withers:

My favorite Bill Withers song is “Grandma’s Hands”

Purchase Still Bill the documentary here.

Motivation. . .Part Deux! January 10, 2011

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Me celebrating the fact that I managed to not flunk out of my first semester of grad school! Piyah! Click the image to view the celebratory animation.

Lawd, lawd, lawd! If ya’ll only knew (and maybe more than a few of you do). I started my first semester of grad school September 2010 and did it kick my butt, boy, I tell ya! As I clumsily juggled two-and-a-half jobs and attempted to maintain my composure with my hefty grad school work load, I unwillingly dropped the blog ball. Yes people, every morning I thought about blogging but alas, as my cursor hovered over the ‘Add New Post’ link, my heart was in it but my mind and body admittedly lacked the energy to type up clever, witty and inspiring posts or even a simple reblog for that matter. Yes, grad school kicked my natural African you know what, but you know what? I survived, yes!!! And I actually escaped my first semester a bit bruised but alive and oddly energized, stronger and motivated to get back to blogging about. . .uhhh. . .well, what do I blog about? Okay, so my blog is kinda random, but hey, sometimes (and this is most times in my case) you gotta go with the flow in these things. So, here’s my 2011 oath for all the lovely folks who have been reading my blog thus far:

1. Daily posts (M-F) when I can and no less than two posts a week.

2. More motivation and more me (my life is pretty interesting, sometimes monotonous but interesting nontheless, I promise!).

3. New stuff – I am going to grad school for a reason, which I will reveal very shortly!

Biggups to those who keep coming, despite my terrible case of blog neglect, you won’t regret it. Back in action for 2011, piyah!