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New Roots for the Uprooted October 10, 2011

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This initiative sounds pretty wonderful.

New Roots, with 85 growers from 12 countries, is one of more than 50 community farms dedicated to refugee agriculture, an entrepreneurial movement spreading across the country. American agriculture has historically been forged by newcomers, like the Scandinavians who helped settle the Great Plains; today’s growers are more likely to be rural subsistence farmers from Africa and Asia, resettled in and around cities from New York, Burlington, Vt., and Lowell, Mass., to Minneapolis, Phoenix and San Diego.

New York Times


A young Somali girl stood next to the New Roots booth, where her Mom was shopping, a collaboration between the nonprofit International Rescue Committee and the San Diego County Farm Bureauin the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Credit: Sandy Huffaker for The New York Times


See full slide show HERE

The Envelope of Directing Your Thoughts September 17, 2011

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Okay. . . I kind of love this kid. . .(via StyleLikeU)

Urnatur = Ancient Nature August 16, 2011

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Came across this great website by Anthropologie called the ANTHROPOLOGIST

The Anthropologist is an online space that supports the work of inspiring individuals, brought to you by the people behind Anthropologie.

Stumbled upon this lovely place (Urnatur, which means ancient nature in Sweedish) that is now on my already long travel list for next Summer after I graduate. . . looking forward. . .

Love! July 12, 2011

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This must be what love at first sight feels like. . .

Photo: “Jazz Cats Crossing the Hudson” from Madlib Medicine Show #8: Advanced Jazz
A jazz mixtape by Madlib. It’s out now.

Source: Stones Throw Online Store

Clean Clothes July 11, 2011

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I just read about this and had to post. The possibilities give me goosebumps!

Via Ecouterre

“Catalytic Clothing cleared the air with the world’s first pollution-neutralizing dress, then a “Field of Jeans” that helps you breathe easier. Now, watch the technology in action—and learn how it works—with a short film featuring model Erin O’Connor and music by Radiohead. A collaboration between Helen Storey from the London School of Fashion and Tony Ryan from the University of Sheffield , the project explores how wearable textiles can be used as catalytic surfaces to scrub the air of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, both of which are emitted by factories and automobiles.”

‘I’ Stands for Instrument June 30, 2011

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I have been following StyleLikeU for a while. I admit, kind of featherweight obsessed. I am an observer by heart and watching people is something I admit that I enjoy doing. And while we are all specimens in this petri dish called life, I have found that I am most receptive to learning when I see others this way – as specimens.

I had the pleasure of coming across Valerie Geffner’s video on StyleLikeU, thus far my all time favorite observation on this site. Why? What Valerie begins to say at the 2:37 mark of the video deserved an hallelujah and amen (although borderline hippie, thought provoking nonetheless). . .

Malcolm the Mighty May 19, 2011

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Reposting from last year. Happy birthday Malcolm!

A thing is mighty big when time and distance cannot shrink it.
– Zora Neale Hurston

Photo from Grad School Mommy


Oh Joy! May 17, 2011

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I’m on summer break ya’ll! Oh so happy! I will be spending my summer traveling, concert-going, event hopping and all around partying. My first week off I found two post-worthy blogs that I will mos def be checking in on:

Black Vintage

Lovely collection of black vintage photography. Nice source of inspiration.


Raiments and Rose

Artist Jasmine Rose posts her daily musings which I have enjoyed very much lately.

Style April 13, 2011

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a distinctive manner of expression; a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself; a distinctive quality, form, or type of something; beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique. . .

All photos from National Geographic Global Fashion Photos feature.

Who needs fashion when you’ve got style.

Mindfully Slow April 6, 2011

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I have been slowing down over the last few years. For those who know me know that this an eyebrow raising proclamation within particular areas of my life. I have found when I slow down, I move more efficiently and effectively and most importantly, I  plant myself in the present. Slowing down can be frustrating, time consuming and scary and getting over these obstacles can be difficult. Here’s some things I’ve done to help the process:

i. Drive within the speed limit. I actually practice when I can, driving slower than the speed limit by getting behind a slower driver and allowing a 1 to 2 car space between us. I used to be Speedy Gonzalez on wheels and this practice (and getting a $275 speeding ticket a year ago) has left my lead foot flirting with the breaks on the regular. Today, my speed dial rarely goes more than 10 miles over the limit.

ii. Read in a group out loud. Get a group of friends together and take turns reading a book out loud. Notice how you hang on to every word that someone reads and how much more you pay attention to every word uttered. It’s an interesting process.

iii. Go for a walk. Walking (as opposed to biking or driving), puts us in the same speed as our bodies. We so often move in vessels that have a very different speed than our own physical bodies and we become accustomed to moving at a speed that is not our own. Walking forces us to fall within the speed limit of ourselves and allows for present moments like observation and intimate interaction with our environment.

It’s amazing the process and progress made when we simply slow down. Turtles 9reptile family) and sloths (medium mammal family) know all too well about the benefits of deaccelerating (both have a life span that surpasses the average within their animal family) . It’s a fountain of youth that anyone can drink from, all you have to do is slow down and smell the roses.