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Reflect! January 28, 2010

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Oluwa Series: Day of Service

Monday, January 18, 2010 was MLK Day and a national day of service for many across the country. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a collaboration event between Mo’ Better Food, Urban Releaf and Kijiji Grows to create an educational farm/park in West Oakland, CA. While there, Mo’ Better Food founder David Roach showed me around the volunteer facility and explained the fascinating gardening system that will be installed on the farm, called aquaponic. I also spoke with Kijiji Grows co-founder Keba Konte, who is also an amazing local artist, about how his organization is utilizing aquaponic, ahem, excuse the shaky camera work. I’m good at a lot of things but not quite everything:

Big thanks to David Roach and Keba Konte!

Here are some photos of the aquaponic system courtesy of Kijiji Grows:

Indoor aquaponic unit.

Outdoor aquaponic unit.

Bliss in Babylon October 26, 2009

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“Who has not found the heaven below will fail of it above” – Emily Dickinson

I spent most of my childhood in an apartment complex in Oakland, CA on a street notorious for prostitution and gang violence. My sisters and I were never allowed to play outside of the gates of our apartment. Our apartment complex was like a protective shield that kept all of us from the realities that existed on the “outside” but that sense of protection certainly did not keep us from witnessing what went on in our neighborhood, both good and bad. We saw some pretty bad stuff happen in those days but in the midst of what seemed like Babylon, I had some of the best times of my life. (more…)

MAAT Moment October 7, 2009

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3 fundamentals: Order, Truth & Justice
1 model on a mission
1 talented photographer
1 camera woman/sister
1 day Zip Car rental

Marinate, stir, simmer, serve. . .

MAAT: the personification of order, which was fundamental in the Kemetic world view and which formed the basis of the Kemetic concepts of Order, Truth and Justice.

MAAT is the foundation for which the Emancipate! Oluwakemi project was conceived. (more…)