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Make the Sun Rise August 22, 2011

Posted by oluwawa writes in Illuminate!, Reflect.

This morning I slept through the sunrise but when I opened my eyes and witnessed the sun smiling back at me, I remembered. This great clip from the film BLack Orpheus. Biggups to the sun for staying on purpose (with or without the clouds) biggups to the Facebook friend who posted this (SW!) . As I start my final year of grad school, I needed this to remind me something that many children inherently know – the infinite power of possibility.

Urnatur = Ancient Nature August 16, 2011

Posted by oluwawa writes in Illuminate!, Recent Posts.
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Came across this great website by Anthropologie called the ANTHROPOLOGIST

The Anthropologist is an online space that supports the work of inspiring individuals, brought to you by the people behind Anthropologie.

Stumbled upon this lovely place (Urnatur, which means ancient nature in Sweedish) that is now on my already long travel list for next Summer after I graduate. . . looking forward. . .