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In-deed! February 26, 2010

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Photo from B.L.I.P. 2010

Hey ya’ll it’s Black history month.  .  . yeah, I know, a whole group of people relegated to one month and yeah, I know, every month should be Black history month. But why not take this opportunity to start celebrating Black people all around the world? You know you want to. Here’s an idea, if you are in the Bay Area this Sunday, February 28 and are available between 12noon and 1pm, check out the Intimacy Project’s annual Black Love event:

HOW will I find out WHERE the gathering is?
RSVP through Facebook or join The Intimacy Project on Twitter to receive the exact location the night before.
It will be in a VERY CENTRAL location in San Francisco, accessible to public transportation but we have to keep this info under wraps until closer to the actual time so that we do not draw the attention of city officials.

I won’t be able to make it, will there be OTHERS?
Yes. But annually.
Plenty of time for you to save up all the love you receive over 365 days and pay it forward.

Is this one big MAKE OUT session?
You can make out if you like, but please… no “indecent exposure”.
Remember that there are many ways of showing affection – HUGS, KISSES, CUDDLES, EMBRACES.
Be creative.

I heard something about FREE CHOCOLATE, is that true?
You’ll have to come and see for yourself.

If you will not be in the Bay on Sunday, just do what many Black folks have done for years – DIY it! Come together with family and friends at your local park, street corner, cafe, wherever, and show some love!

I Love Black People! February 25, 2010

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I love Black people. I do, I do , I do! There’s just something about them. . .I can’t explain. Even those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Know what I am talking about. We are VERY different but in essence. . .in spirit VERY much the same.

a mass demonstration of affection

Sunday – February 28 – 2010
12pm – 1pm
San Francisco, CA (exact location TBA)

For ONE hour on ONE day, The Intimacy Project calls upon Black folks in the Bay Area to SHOW their love for one another.

In a city that is slowly rendering Blackness invisible.
In a time that fails to support us as emotional beings.

That Black folks are capable of deep + sustained affection towards each other.
That we are able to heal wounds, old + new, starting with the simple act of TOUCH.

To participate/ engage/ question: intimacy@seethinkdance.com

Love: Mom February 24, 2010

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Another person I love very dearly is my mom. When it comes to her family she is the most selfless person I know. When I was a kid I used to have to stand by her in the kitchen as her sous chef – I loved it, for the most part. One day as my mom cooked and chatted on the phone with one of her friends,  I got bored. Often times at that age when I was bored and I didn’t have access to a television, I found my entertainment needs to be satisfied by making up songs and dances. As my hands hit the floor and my butt hit the air to attempt my mediocre booty shake: bang! My mom came and kung fu kicked me right in the behind and then rotated back to position over the stove all while still engaging her friend on the phone like nothing ever happened. After that, dinner was ready and my mom served me the best plate of moyin moyin and egusi stew (staple Nigerian cuisine) that my taste buds had ever had the pleasure of consuming. All love.

Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō February 23, 2010

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My mind wonders. A lot. I have long intense bouts of focus and then my mind wonders again. My mind likes to hold a lot and keep occupied. I am quite often in a state of action, whether it’s actually doing something or planning on doing something or thinking about doing something. Every so often I get an overwhelming feeling to stop. Take a deep breath. Listen. Listen. Breathe. Silence. Quite rewarding. It feels good but why don’t I take part in meditation as prayer more often? You see folks, I like to be in control. When flying, I would pay good money for a seat in the cockpit with the pilot than sweating it out with the rest of the clueless but mostly comfortable (too comfortable for my taste) passengers on the plane. When taking on a project I’ll happily do the mundane administrative tasks as well as make and execute the complex power decisions.

I like to be in control of as much as possible. It gives me a sense of security. But the fact is I can take charge and guide everything in my life but at the end of the day I control nothing. When there is something that I need to do, it comes to me, I choose to manifest it and then that’s it. It is out of my hands from there. The issue is that I am uncomfortable with this part, so much so, that I try to continue to command. It can be exhausting but it’s secure. But to be completely happy or better yet, fulfilled, one must learn to let go. My grip is tight but through meditation I am loosening it one step and stillness at a time.

Illuminate! February 22, 2010

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Bamboo Treadle Pump in use. Photo from PingMag

The Bamboo Treadle Pump allows poor farmers to access groundwater during the dry season. The treadles and support structure are made of bamboo or other inexpensive, locally available materials. – Design for the Other 90%

Designed by Gunnar Barnes of Rangpur/Dinajpur Rural Service and International Development Enterprises (IDE) Nepal.

In-deed! February 19, 2010

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Aid to Artisans

A great organization that I will be working with in the near future (will reveal in the coming weeks) that works with artisans around the world to sustain a humane, fair and fruitful living.

Aid to Artisans encourages people with various expertise (i.e. economic development, business management, research, graphic design, etc.) to volunteer in aiding artisans in key aspects of sustaining their economic well being. Click here for more information.

Masai in the Garden February 18, 2010

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On Tuesday afternoon, I was standing in the front entrance of my job, the Botanical Garden, when I thought my eyes were deceiving me. But no, there he was in bright red, right before my eyes a Masai man in the Garden. It was like seeing a shooting star. Yes, of course he’s human like all the rest of us but I tell you folks, a human being like that is a dying breed. He walked with certainty and peace. He knew why he was here, in the Garden, just as much as he knew why he is on this earth. To meet someone who exuded a oneness with Nature and Spirit, was truly amazing.

He had arrived to the United States to raise money for conservation efforts in his homeland. I was so astonished to see him in the Garden, that I didn’t even think to ask how one could help him in his efforts (fortunately, one of the Garden horticulturists got information about his efforts which I will post soon). For me, experiences like this are the few instances that I get “star-struck”.

I had this preconceived notion that he would feel greater than or I would feel less than but as soon as our eyes met we both confirmed that amongst all of our differences, we were in essence the same.

The Morality of Profit February 17, 2010

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Book cover image, ‘Into the River,’ by Michael Fairbanks. (Great book! Check out here)
Photo from Seven Fund

SEVEN Fund (Social Equity Venture Fund) is an organization “intended to catalyze, support and disseminate research on questions of economic development, prosperity and entrepreneurship.” The fund “is sponsoring a global competition inviting discourse on the morality of profit.”

They are asking people from all over the world to give their perspective in 3,000 words or less on the morality of profit and “encourage essays that examine all aspects of the debate and address this question through the lens of diverse cultural, religious, philosophical, and academic traditions.”

What is the prize?
We will award three essays with a grand prize of $20,000; second prize of $10,000; and third prize of $5,000. In addition, a selection of the best submissions will be collected into a manuscript intended for publication, and those authors will be invited to participate in an international conference on The Morality of Profit in 2010.

Go to SEVEN Fund: The Morality of Profit page here for more info on how to submit an essay.

Reflect! February 16, 2010

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Love: Dad

Left: Oluwakemi’s father Muhammed circa 1970’s; Right: Muhammed’s brother

I love my dad. Everyone used to tell me how much I look like him. I remember when I was in preschool he used to wake me up in the morning to get ready for school and we would have a tug of war with the blanket. Every morning it was tug of war and then after that it was all love. The past few weeks I have witnessed fathers who do everything but love their children. The funny thing is that it really doesn’t take much – to love. If you can Truly love yourself, then you have the capacity to Truly love others. If you Truly love yourself, how could you not love that which is apart of you? Amongst an infinite amount of reasons, I love my dad for loving me.

Illuminate! February 15, 2010

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Will search high and low to check out this Kenyan sci-fi film by Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu. Saw it posted on Miss Wretched‘s fab blog, My Wretched Consciousness, which featured the filmmaker and her film.